RSP Episode 02 – It’s All About The Format


Series One – Episode Two of Radio Skills for Podcasters: It’s All About The Format.

This time Kevin Field looks at the format of your podcast and how it plays a role in growing listenership.

Radio and Podcasting is all about the format.  Without a format you have no show, no episodes, no brand… it’s just you playing at podcasting and broadcasting the results – right?

In episode 2 of Radio Skills for Podcasters Kevin Field looks at the format and what it means for your Podcast.

Kevin talks about the following topics:

Examples of a uniformed format at work
The same but different philosophy
On time every time
Being creative in your Podcast delivery
Suggested formats
How to promote what you have got coming up
What podcasters don’t do enough of, but should do in their podcast.

Episode 2 of Radio Skills for Podcasters Top Tip is a time saving technique you should apply to your Podcast and make a difference.

Next Time: In episode 3 of Radio Skills for Podcasters: Interview Skills – We look at Interviews skills, the do’s and don’ts and a great tip that will change your interviewee’s answers.

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