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Here's a great addition to any podcasters tool kit.

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“I know  I’d want one of these if I was starting out or if I’d been podcasting for a while.” Kevin Field – host of Radio Skills for Podcasters.  Get yours free below.

Learn skills that will supercharge your podcast from secrets of the radio industry in our must listen to podcast – key skills you can use in your podcast right now. This is a stop, rewind and listen again series. We share the tips and tricks of the world of Radio in Series One: Podcast Skills The Basics.

Dip into our hints and tips as we share our podcast skills and broadcast theory in our blog posts. You can swot up for free on skills from the radio and podcast industry to use in your next podcast.

Get your own multi-award winning producer and coach at your service. Kevin Field offers a free consultation and podcast coaching and production support. He also offers a no hassle ‘health of your podcast’ critique service from listening to your current episodes. Find out more here.

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