RSP Episode 7 How to use Copyright Music In Your Podcast and Stay Legit


Series One: Episode 7 of Radio Skills for Podcasters – How to Use Copyright Music In Your Podcast and Stay Legit.

In this episode Kevin talks through the key points of using Copyright music in your podcast.  Yes it can be a quagmire of frustration, he gets it.  Now, to be to the point – this is targeted at UK Podcasters, Kevin talks UK rules, law and regulation – that doesn’t mean it is not helpful to everyone!  He talks through the relevant licences you’ll need, where to obtain free music and what ‘free’ actually means.

Key Points

PRS for Music collects and distributes money on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers for the use of their musical compositions and lyrics (the ‘publishing right’).

PPL collects and distributes money on behalf of its performers and record company members for the use of their recorded music (the ‘recording right’).

PRS offer The Limited Online Music Licence – Click HERE to go direct to their licence page.  The PRS licence will cover you for (the ‘publishing right’), but not for the (the ‘recording right’).

PPL do not offer a podcast license for (the ‘recording right’).  Advice from Lucy Cousins at PPL is that you should contact Copyright owning or controlling record companies and seek permission from each for each track.

Kevin warns that if you do not recording right owners can ask you to pay for you use of their work, the UK limitations act says they can backdate this for 6 years.

This Weeks Tip Tip: This time its the vocal warm up.  What do you mean you just get on and speak – you philistine – warm up that voice to sound your greatest.  If you’re the type that goes out with doing your hair and brushing your teeth, then not to worry.   Kevin looks a vocal warm up techniques you can use before you enter the studio.

Next Time:  It’s part two of the interview skills, delving into the edit after the record.  Kevin provides three great interview edit techniques that are a no brainer to use in your podcast.  He also provides some advice if you’re going to be interviewed yourself.  Being interviewed is also a skill!  Get ready for Episode 8!

NOTE from Kevin:

Copyright Free Music
In the podcast I talked about the availability of Copyright free libraries.

A list of libraries will appear here shortly. I’m currently talking with some music libraries to get you a great deal for buyout and I’m checking out the free libraries to see if they are legitimate and free.  If i can pull it off you’ll see here first.  In the meantime I’ve provided some links below to the people I’ve used on a regular basis.

The Envito market place
Audio Jungle which offers music kits, music packs. logo and idents and sound effects.  All are priced according to the licence you wish to use.  The cost isn’t too bad for a podcast starting out. This is my affiliate link to their website.   Audio Jungle.  (affiliate link)

Music Radio Creative
You may be aware of Mike and Izabela Russell and MrC.  If not head over to their website and start browsing their hundreds of voices, music and jingles that can add a sparkle to your podcast.   Music Radio Creative.