RSP Episode 03 – Interview Skills


Series One – Episode 03 of Radio Skills for Podcasters.

Kevin Field explores Interview Skills the do’s and don’ts in part one of our interview skills podcast.

In this episode we’ll be looking at interview skills… some do’s and don’ts and some great tricks to improve what you do….

We have our Top Tips this week a special tip to use when your interviewing which could change the answers you receive… Doing this has for me and those I’ve trained over the years… with some fairly dramatic results… enjoy the podcast!

Next Time: Episode 04 of Radio Skills for Podcasters – We talk showprep and research techniques.  How much research do you put in to your podcast?

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2 thoughts on “RSP Episode 03 – Interview Skills

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Just to say, I’m delighted to have found your podcast. I was searching Google for ‘interview skills’, but couldn’t find anything relevant, so pleased to have found you via Facebook.

    You’ve made me rethink my interviews and prevented me from incessantly saying ‘yeeees’ or ‘u-huh’!!

    Much to learn, so I’ll be listening in often.

    Sincere thanks, Victoria (

    • Hey Victoria… Thank you for the kind comments. Love what you’re doing with your podcast. Keep it up!


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