RSP Episode 6 Powerful Story Telling Secrets You Need to Know


Series One: Episode 6 of Radio Skills for Podcasters.  Become a powerful story teller in ten steps and create powerful podcasters.

Kevin shares ten steps for creating powerful stories.
Tip One – Always be truthful
Tip Two – Relate to your audience
Tip Three – Create drama
Tip Four – Paint pictures with words
Tip Five – Start, middle and end – with purpose
Tip Six – Questions to be answered
Tip Seven – Don’t rush and find your range
Tip Eight – Be real and be emotive
Tip Nine – Stick to your guns and your brand
Tip Ten – Create Value
Bonus Tip – Know how to end.

Top Tip: This episodes top tip is how to deal with a stumble or two, we all do it, but what’s the trick to help you avoid stumbling?

Next Time: Episode 7 of Radio Skills for Podcasters we look at the use of Copyright music within your podcast.