Presenter – RSP Episode 10 Unleash The Power of The Presenter


Unleash the power of the presenter in your podcast.

In Episode 10 of Radio Skills for Podcasters Kevin walks through key presentation techniques you can adopt for you as a podcast presenter.

Anyone can pick up a microphone. Anyone can be a presenter. Not everyone can do it well.  Some excel at it.  What is the difference between the presenter that excels and the presenter that just exists?

Warmth and the ability to talk directly to your listener is so important as a presenter.  It is something that so many podcasters forget, they appear to talk past you.  These are just two of the key components and techniques of powerful presentation.

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Kevin covers…

How to be compelling?

The dictionary definition says that compelling is to be evoking an interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.  Just that sentence sums up what you need to be for your listener. However, you should also think that the interest and attention also needs to be targeted within content your listener wants to hear.

What has confidence got to do with presenting?

Confidence comes across in many different ways.  Speaking confidently about a particular subject matter. Providing nuggets of valuable information.  It also comes across in the way you sound.  Think of the people who you like to listen to. Do they sound confident?  What are the key things they do as a presenter?

Where does composure come into it?

Composure is very much linked to confidence.  Some presenters can get through any situation.  Kevin shares some sticky moments he’s got through on air as a presenter. Including a complete computer failure.

How to connect with your listener?

Forming a connection and being able to relate to your listener is a key presentation skill.  Kevin reemphasises the importance to presenting one to one. Not one to many.  He shares some stories about the late Sir Terry Wogan. What made his personal approach so special.

Why good presenters can also be great sales people – sales presenter?

As a presenter you are part entertainer, part educator and part sales person.  If you can nail down the ability to sell you’re onto a winner.

Why closing the circle on your listener matters?

Keeping the listener feeling like it is just you and them. Even better if you have a guest in an interview. The key technique is to reinforce that one 2 one nature of podcast.

Radio Skills for Podcasters Top Tip

This Episode’s Top Tip is the key to learning by listening. What it can do for your podcast and your skill base.

Next Episode

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