Radio Skills for Podcasters – The Edge Episode 01


An excuse to keep the conversation going while the usual RSP series is in production… This is The EDGE from Radio Skills for Podcasters.

In Radio Skills for Podcasters The Edge Kevin talks about what’s been happening in the new media and audio world.

In this episode he talks about the New Media Europe event in London on the 18th, 19th June 2016.

Kevin revels that he’ll be presenting on the learning day. The title of Kevin’s talk is Tin Cans and a Piece of String – How to build your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Kevin also talks about facebook live, with a snippet of Music Radio Creative’s Mike Russell live on facebook. He mentions Sarah Williams reaching 25k with the Tough Girl Podcast and Phil Pallen and Janet Murray’s 90 minute brand refresh taking place in London on the 8th March.

It’s all in this 12 minute-ish episode of Radio Skills for Podcasters The Edge – It’s all about the things going on around the edge of Radio Skills for Podcasters and the new media world.