RSP Episode 04 – Showprep and Showsheets


Series One – Episode 4 of Radio Skills for Podcasters:  Showprep and Showsheets.

Kevin talks about planning and preparation for your podcast and how to combine this with a showsheet.

Kevin shares his experience of shows that don’t prep and provides advice on how to find and create content from Mind Maps to recording your thoughts.

Each episode is around 10 minutes – this one Kevin was a little naughty and strayed to 13 mins – and helps you learn the skills of the radio industry to create POWERFUL podcasts.

This Weeks Top Tip

Kevin talks about the importance of a starting sequence that doesn’t drag.

In  next episode of Radio Skills for Podcasters

It is Episode 5 and Kevin looks at the word ‘You’ and the word ‘Audience’… and why ‘You’ is the most powerful word you’ll ever use for a Podcast.  See you next time.

Get your show sheet here.
Get your show sheet here.


2 thoughts on “RSP Episode 04 – Showprep and Showsheets

  1. Hi Kevin, could you add the link of your website for show prep in the show notes ? I’ve tried the URL given in the episode and it seems not to work, or I can’t get if right.
    Do you have any example or template of show sheet to illustrate this episode ?
    (I don’t mind to give my email address in exchange of it 😉 )

    • Thanks for pointing this out Marc – The sheet has been added, also don’t forget when you sign up for the skills mail list you’ll also get other goodies over the next couple of months. Thanks Kevin

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