Content is king but context is the key

Why you should always provide content in context.

Content is king but context is key – always. It’s the first thing I learnt in radio. Always have more material than you need, but make sure this is material served up with super value to the listener.

The key though is your content is delivered with context in mind.  There is no point having great content that doesn’t connect with you listener.

Understand Your Listener’s Wants and Needs!

It is something that is so often missed when targeting your audience. Why should they care?

I often advise podcasters to think listener, but what does that mean?

You should try to understand what your listener wants and needs. A want is something you yearn for while a need is something that will take you to the next step in your day.

For example if you have a podcast that helps people earn money from an online business. Perhaps it provides advice and guidance to fulfilling the freedom lifestyle.

The want is the freedom lifestyle and the need is the steps to get there. When creating your content within your podcast you should be creating context by sharing the steps that get your listener to that ultimate goal.

By doing this you keep your listener coming back for more of what you have to offer. Clever eh?

Wait that’s not all.

Think Listener's Wants and needs.

Provide Context in Life Style and Life Stages

Next, you need to apply context to their life style and life stage. When you think listener, you understand how they listen, why they listen and interact with their life.

If your target ‘freedom lifestyle’ listener is a busy mum, you need to tailor your content around her listening habits and needs. Mum mode means she has little time in her busy life to listen for too long. Therefore your content should be short, concise and offer other opportunities to engage.

Think about when your listener will listen, create content in context to their lifestyle and life stage and you’ll be on to a winner.

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Kevin Field is speaking at New Media Europe on June 18th, 19th in London. He’ll be sharing how radio answers this question. How can you build an audience and keep them coming back for more.