RSP Episode 08 Edit Interviews Like A Pro


Series One: Episode 8 of Radio Skills for Podcasters – Learn To Edit Interviews Like A Pro For Your Podcast.

In this episode Kevin talks through the key points of creating wining interviews within your podcast episodes.

Key Points

Always edit you interview, change it, make it flow – never put it out as it was recorded – in the same order and with only a few tweaks.

Remove clutter – get rid of the ‘hello’s and how are you’s’, remove repeated content, shorten questions and drop dull answers.

Think listener and not interviewee – always create an interview that provides a reason for your listener to keep listening – take them on a journey.

Edit right away and use your interview cue sheet to help you along the way.

Learn how to cope with breaths, crutch words and edit them out in the right way.

Kevin provides three options for presenting your interview to your podcast listener.  The ‘As-Live, ‘Narrated’ and “Double Header’ interview techniques.

If you haven’t listened to RSP Episode 03 Interview Skills then pop and have a listen.  Kevin offers advice and guidance on how to prepare and carry out your interviews.

This Weeks Tip Tip: This time its crutch words and how to eliminate them from your presentation technique.

Next Time:    Do you know your libel and deformation rules.  It’s about what you say and not getting into hot water with someone’s lawyer sending you a cease and desist, or worse still a claim for damages. Get ready for Radio Skills for Podcasters Episode 9!


Kevin mentioned Mike Russell’s video on Youtube for editing out plosives, click and pops – here it is.

Mike Russels Video for Removing Clicks and Pops

Kevin was also going to provide some tips on how to be an interview guest in a podcast – that’s been moved to Episode 10 of Radio Skills for Podcasters – It deserves its own episode.