Ten things that will help podcasters create content

Podcasters – Ten things that will help podcasters create content…

Have you ever come to the point where you just can’t find the inspiration for content in your next episode?   You feel like you’ve exhausted your options. Perhaps you just haven’t had time to research your next topic.  You have the podcasters block.

Let me introduce ten things that will help podcasters create content

It’ll help you create tons of content or your podcast.

The ten things is a really simple task. Get yourself a piece of paper – it’s better to scribble for this exercise. I want you to think about your podcast and the version of you that you try to get across to your audience.

On your piece of paper I want you to write down ten things you know to be true about you. Using my ten things as an example I put expert in radio production, love tech gear, enjoy sharing my skills, listens to lots of podcasts and so on.

Once you have your ten things you can start mind-mapping content arches out of those ten. Again using my choice… I ask questions about each of the statements I’ve made in my paper and draw mind map links to each.

Therefore ‘expert in radio production’ leads to asking the question of which areas I enjoy the most. It also leads to mind maps of all the skills I know off the top of my head. It could also lead to skills I need help with that may be useful to podcasters.

Next I take the statement ‘loves tech gear’ and create a similar mind map of this including I know my way around equipment, I have the latest gadget always on my desk and so on.

After you have collected all of these for each statement you can start to break down potential podcast themes from each segment of your mind map.

You see, now your block has gone and you have a ton of targeted content to share with your listener.   That is the ten things to help you build content.