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Hosted by Kevin Field, a seasoned radio presenter and producer, you’ll learn how the skills of the radio industry can be used in your podcast. This podcast is like a training session presented in easily digestible bite-sized episodes.

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Uncover the Secrets of Audience Captivation – Know Your Audience

This episode dives deep into the science and techniques radio stations use to target their ideal listeners. You’ll learn:

  • The key motivators that drive listeners to tune in.
  • Proven audience management strategies to keep them engaged.
  • The science behind building a loyal audience that welcomes you into their lives.

Join Kevin as he equips you with the essential skills to understand your target audience, attract them to your podcast, and keep them coming back for more!

Craft your Podcast Signature Format

“The Same But Different” – that’s the key to a winning podcast format!

In this episode, Kevin helps you develop a professional edge for your show.

  • The reason why radio stations have strict formats
  • What podcasters can learn from how radio does it
  • Why you need a structure to your episodes

While podcasts offer freedom compared to radio’s rigid schedules, a recognizable format is essential for building loyalty.

Kevin guides you through crafting a structure that keeps listeners familiar and engaged, coming back for more!

Listen to “RSP Episode 02 It's All About The Format” on Spreaker.

Killer Interview Skills

Interviews are the lifeblood of many podcasts, but winging it won’t cut it. In this episode, Kevin equips you with “killer interview skills” to create captivating content.

Kevin has produced hundreds of interviews as a presenter and producer. in this podcast you’ll learn:

  • Why open-ended questions are key
  • A key element of interviews that every podcaster should employ.
  • Effective strategies for crafting powerful interview openings and closings.

This is part one of our essential guide to mastering the art of the podcast interview – sharpen your skills and elevate your show!

Listen to “RSP Episode 03 Interviews” on Spreaker.

Content is King: Conquer Podcast Show Prep

The age-old adage holds true – compelling content is the heart of any successful podcast. But great content doesn’t materialize out of thin air! This episode equips you with the secrets to rock-solid show prep.

Kevin, a radio production veteran and show prep guru, shares his expertise. You’ll learn:

  • Essential research and preparation techniques for podcasters.
  • Proven strategies to elevate your podcast production value.
  • How to create a powerful show sheet as your episode roadmap (plus, get your free downloadable template!).

Stop winging it and start creating content that captivates! Join Kevin and unlock the power of effective show prep.

Listen to “RSP Episode 04 Showprep & Showsheet” on Spreaker.

The Secret Weapon of Powerful Podcasts (It’s Not What You Think!)

Your podcast’s words hold immense power, but what single word can truly transform your show? This episode reveals a simple yet impactful secret Kevin uses in every podcast and radio broadcast – a word that personalizes your content and strengthens your connection with listeners.

Tune in and discover this powerful tool to elevate your podcast and forge deeper connections with your audience!

Listen to “The Most Powerful Word RSP Episode 05” on Spreaker.

Storytelling Powerhouse: Captivate Your Audience

We all tell stories, but crafting impactful narratives takes finesse – and it’s a learnable skill! This episode equips you with Kevin Field’s “Top Ten Tips” for powerful storytelling in your podcast.

  • Learn to create narratives that resonate, evoke emotion, and forge connections with your listeners.
  • Discover practical techniques you can implement immediately to supercharge your content presentation.
  • Unleash the power of storytelling and transform your podcast into an engaging experience.
Listen to “RSP Episode 06 Powerful Story Telling Secrets You Need to Know” on Spreaker.

Podcast Music Done Right: Legalities & Finding Free Options

Using music in your podcast adds a powerful touch, but copyright law can feel like a maze. This episode simplifies it all!

Kevin clarifies the legalities and licenses involved in using copyrighted music. Learn what’s allowed, what’s not, and what “free” music truly means.

Plus, discover where to find royalty-free music that elevates your podcast without copyright headaches.

Tune in and ensure your podcast soundtrack stays legal and enhances your content!

Listen to “RSP Episode 07 Get Legit With Music Copyright” on Spreaker.

Podcast Interview Editing: Mastering the Art

Great interviews are the lifeblood of many podcasts, but editing them can be daunting. This episode equips you with pro-level techniques to transform your raw interview footage into captivating content.

Kevin dives deep into the editing process, sharing key strategies that will:

  • Elevate your interviews: Learn how to structure, polish, and enhance your conversations.
  • Shift your editing mindset: Discover powerful techniques that go beyond simply cutting and pasting.
  • Deliver a professional final product: Equip yourself with the skills to create polished, engaging interviews that keep your listeners hooked.

Tune in and unlock the secrets to masterful podcast interview editing!

Listen to “RSP Episode 08 Edit Interviews Like A Pro” on Spreaker.

Podcast Legality: Defamation Demystified

Podcasters, beware! This episode tackles the legal minefield of defamation, specifically libel and slander.

Kevin, your guide to navigating civil law in the UK, clarifies the key differences between libel and slander. Learn what constitutes fair comment, and discover best practices to avoid legal troubles with your podcast content.

Tune in to ensure your words stay impactful and your podcast stays safe!

Listen to “RSP Episode 09 Defamation Staying Safe with Slander & Libel” on Spreaker.

Beyond the Microphone: Mastering the Art of Podcast Presenting

Anyone can grab a mic, but captivating podcast presenters are a rare breed. This episode ignites your inner powerhouse!

Kevin delves deep into the secrets that elevate a presenter from “good enough” to “exceptional.” Learn how to:

  • Command attention: Techniques to captivate your listeners and build a strong presence.
  • Develop your presenting style: Discover your unique voice and authentic approach.
  • Transform your delivery: Powerful strategies to enhance your vocal performance and presentation skills.

Get ready to unleash your presenter potential and transform your podcast into a truly engaging experience!

Listen to “RSP Episode 10 Unleash The Power of The Presenter” on Spreaker.

Podcast Powerhouse: The Presenters Checklist

Podcasters, take control! This episode introduces Kevin’s “Podcast Presenter Checklist” – a powerful tool to elevate your content creation.

This checklist isn’t just a tick-off list – it’s a springboard for reflection and strategic podcast development. Kevin guides you through essential questions that ignite critical thinking on both presentation and content direction.

Tune in and learn how to:

  • Utilize the checklist as a pre-production powerhouse.
  • Shape your content for maximum impact.
  • Hone your presentation skills and refine your podcasting voice.

Become a podcast presenter who inspires and engages your listeners, in every single episode.

Listen to “RSP Episode 11 – The Podcast Presenters Checklist” on Spreaker.

Podcast Powerhouse: The Podcast Producers Checklist

Ready to streamline your podcast production process? This episode builds upon the “Presenter Checklist” with Kevin’s essential “Podcast Producer’s Checklist.”

This isn’t just a to-do list – it’s a comprehensive guide to optimize your workflow. Learn key questions to ask yourself throughout every stage of production:

  • Pre-Production: Strategies to ensure a smooth and focused recording session.
  • Post-Production: Techniques to elevate your audio quality and enhance your content.
  • Mastering: Questions to finalize a polished and professional podcast episode.

Tune in and unlock the secrets to becoming a production powerhouse! This episode equips you to consistently deliver high-quality podcasts that keep your listeners coming back for more.

Listen to “Radio Skills for Podcasters Episode 12 The Podcast Producers Checklist” on Spreaker.

Craft Award-Winning Podcast Entries: Insider Secrets Revealed!

Dreaming of podcasting glory? This episode equips you with the knowledge to create entries that impress award judges!

Kevin, a seasoned radio professional and award winner, pulls back the curtain on the world of podcasting competitions. He shares his expertise as both an entrant and a judge (including for the Mind Media Awards), revealing:

  • Essential factors that make award-worthy content stand out from the crowd.
  • Strategic tips for crafting compelling entries that grab attention.
  • Insider knowledge on what judges look for when evaluating submissions.

Whether you’re a podcasting newbie or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with valuable insights to elevate your entries and propel you towards award recognition!

Listen to “Radio Skills for Podcasters Episode 13 Create Award Winning Podcast Entries” on Spreaker.

Mastering Location Recording

Ready to take your podcast beyond the studio? This bonus episode equips you with the skills to record captivating interviews and content on location!

Kevin, a pro in the field (literally!), dives deep into the essential techniques for successful location recording. Learn how to:

  • Choose the perfect location with acoustics and logistics in mind.
  • Capture high-quality audio even in challenging environments.
  • Conduct seamless interviews and manage unexpected situations while recording on-site.

Expand your podcasting horizons and unlock the power of location recording with this informative bonus episode!

Listen to “On location podcast interview skills a New Media Europe Special” on Spreaker.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what listeners have to say!

I’m delighted to have found your podcast.

I was searching Google for ‘interview skills’, but couldn’t find anything relevant, so pleased to have found you.
You’ve made me rethink my interviews and prevented me from incessantly saying ‘yeeees’ or ‘u-huh’!!
Much to learn, so I’ll be listening in often.
Sincere thanks
Off The Ropes Podcast

Thank God I found this!

Loved the episode on the words you should and shouldn’t use in podcasts. Great stuff – looking forward to more!
Janet Murray

Bitesize Podcast Mastery.

Kevin Field’s ‘Radio Skills for Podcasters’ is essential listening for planning and building your podcasting strategy. Thank you Kevin, for creating such exceptional training and in such easily digestible bite-size chunks. Listeners – do not underestimate the power each short and very actionable episodes offers.
Rob Lawrence 

A must-listen for podcasters.

This podcast is made by a guy who shares his wisdom to make the world better, without even trying to sell it to you.
Any podcasters have no excuse not to listen to him.
One episode is enough for me to take easy actionable tips and apply to my podcast in order to improve my listeners experience.
Thank you for sharing all of this, thank you so much.

What can you borrow from radio?

In the new media era it makes a lot of sense to raise your game at every opportunity. This podcast presents what goes on in radio, in such a way that you can adopt what you like and leave the rest. Kevin shares his extensive industry experience in short, information-packed podcasts which focus on a specific theme each episode.
Ben Adam-Smith
House Planning


There are so many podcasts out there that frankly some sound like they have been made in a corregated hut with a steel band outside that it’s so refreshing to find one where the producer (Kevin) knows about crystal clear sound ! The content is spot-on, well thought out and engaging and I never get bored.