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How to develop the confidence to start a podcast.

How to develop the confidence to start a podcast.

October 22, 2018

This post stems from one of my clients who asked this question: I’m not feeling confident when starting my podcast, how can I get more confident in what I’m doing? How did you do it? I started in radio broadcasting, originally hospital radio, college radio, short-term stations and then professional broadcasting. I’ve been broadcasting for … Read more

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  • Quality
    July 17, 2016 by Debateable from United Kingdom

    There are so many podcasts out there that frankly some sound like they have been made in a corregated hut with a steel band outside that it's so refreshing to find one where the producer (Kevin) knows about crystal clear sound ! The content is spot on, well thought out and engaging and I never get bored. Lets put it like this, I have listened to about 5 so far and I haven't turned one off and for someone with the attention of a fruit fly that is pretty good going! Plenty to work with - tips galore. Really adore this podcast -top quality. Looking forward to listening to the rest.