RSP Episode 11 – The Podcaster Presenters Checklist

RSP Episode 11 The Podcast Presenters Checklist
Episode 11 of Series One of Radio Skills for Podcasters - In which Kevin Field talks through The Podcast Presenters Checklist. This is a simple content checklist designed to help you out.  Ideal for presentation and content direction for your podcast. Rather than a tick off sheet The Podcast Presenters Checklist is a list of…

Content is king but context is the key

Why you should always provide content in context. Content is king but context is key – always. It’s the first thing I learnt in radio. Always have more material than you need, but make sure this is material served up with super value to the listener. The key though is your content is delivered with … Read more

RSP Episode 08 Edit Interviews Like A Pro

Radio Skills for Podcasters Episode 08 - How To Edit interviews Like A Pro
Series One: Episode 8 of Radio Skills for Podcasters - Learn To Edit Interviews Like A Pro For Your Podcast. In this episode Kevin talks through the key points of creating wining interviews within your podcast episodes. Key Points Always edit you interview, change it, make it flow - never put it out as it was recorded…

RSP Episode 6 Powerful Story Telling Secrets You Need to Know

Series One: Episode 6 of Radio Skills for Podcasters.  Become a powerful story teller in ten steps and create powerful podcasters. Kevin shares ten steps for creating powerful stories. Tip One - Always be truthful Tip Two - Relate to your audience Tip Three - Create drama Tip Four - Paint pictures with words Tip…