Podcasters – Don’t Fear The Competition

Podcasters – Don’t fear the competition understand them. I used to find it interesting when a programme controller would frown upon me mentioning the competition. “Don’t mention the competitors ever Kevin”.  “Oh, Ok boss…” Why, I thought – what are you afraid of? Are you scared that they might switch over? I felt as if … Read more

RSP Episode 08 Edit Interviews Like A Pro

Radio Skills for Podcasters Episode 08 - How To Edit interviews Like A Pro
Series One: Episode 8 of Radio Skills for Podcasters - Learn To Edit Interviews Like A Pro For Your Podcast. In this episode Kevin talks through the key points of creating wining interviews within your podcast episodes. Key Points Always edit you interview, change it, make it flow - never put it out as it was recorded…

RSP Episode 02 – It’s All About The Format

Knowing Your Audience Episode 02 of Radio Skills for Podcasters.
Series One - Episode Two of Radio Skills for Podcasters: It's All About The Format. This time Kevin Field looks at the format of your podcast and how it plays a role in growing listenership. Radio and Podcasting is all about the format.  Without a format you have no show, no episodes, no brand... it's just…