RSP Episode 13 – How To Create Award Winning Podcast Entries

Hints and Tips on entering your podcast into awards schemes.
How to create an award winning award podcast entry When award seasons comes.  How can you get your podcast at the top table? How can you win that coveted award for your hard work? How to enter and win awards - Episode 13 of Radio Skills for Podcasters… Kevin field your host of Radio Skills…

Why does the duration of your podcast matter to Spotify?

Why does Spotify want 12 to 15 minute podcasts?

Spotify recently announced that they’d like the podcasts on their platform to be 12 to 15 minutes in duration. Why does the duration of your podcast matter?  It’s something I have often debated and one of the reasons Radio Skills for Podcasters podcasts are between 10 and 15 minutes. Why – in simple terms they … Read more

How do I make compelling Podcast audio content?

The traditional media companies have a vested interest in new media.  It is understandable when you realise that many of the most listened to podcasts originate from these companies, whether national or commercial broadcasters. What’s interesting is content coming from radio producers who are now working exclusively in the Podcast arena.  They and the emerging … Read more