RSP Episode 12 – The Podcast Producers Checklist


Episode 12 of Series One of Radio Skills for Podcasters – In which Kevin Field talks through The Podcast Producers Checklist.

Similar to the Podcast Presenters Checklist this is a simple content checklist designed to help you out.  Ideal for you when producing and mastering your podcast sound.

The Podcast Producers Checklist is a list of questions you can ask yourself when prepping your podcast, post production and mastering.

The idea is to use these questions as a part of your production process. Use it again when you listen back and before you post or publish.

Podcasters are using our free Podcast Producers Checklist.  You can download it too now.  Simply click the link below to get your copy.  We’ll also throw in our Podcast Presenters Checklist and our free Podcast Show Planner.


Next Time: In Episode 13 of Radio Skills for Podcasters – it’s awards season where Kevin delves into what it takes to enter great audio alongside a winning description for your awards entry.