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Kevin Field

Episode One: Knowing Your Listener

Learn how to target your listener and understand why they would want to listen to you and the content you offer?

In this episode you’ll learn the techniques radio stations use to hone in on their ideal listener.  Find out the key motivators and the science behind audience management.

Kevin guides you through the key basics of understanding your potential audience, and provides the key to welcoming your target listener.  Get ready to get and keep listeners and discover why they’d let you into their life.

Episode Two: The Format of Your Podcast

“The Same But Different” is a phrase that will pay you dividends on your podcast journey.  This fact filled episode Kevin guides you towards creating a professional edge to your show format.

Podcasts offer creative freedom when compared to traditional radio.  Where radio may be restricted by time slots, programme furniture that has to be done.  Podcast has no such restriction.   However creating a recognisable format is the key to gathering a loyal listener.

In this episode Kevin shares the key elements of creating a show format that will help your listener gain familiarity with you podcast and keep them coming back.

Episode Three: Killer Interview Skills

The majority of podcasts contain interviews and many podcasters rush in not knowing the basics of interviewing for speech content.  Knowing the basic techniques of interviewing makes all the difference to creating great content.

This episode is part one of our guide to interview skills.  Kevin shows you why open ended questions work best and delves in to how to open and close your interviews. This is Killer Interview Skills from Radio Skills for Podcasters.

Episode Four: Showprep and Showsheets

Content is king – always.  No matter what you do you must have great content, and that doesn’t appear from nowhere.  The fact is without good prep your podcast is nothing.

Kevin is an expert in show prep, having produced radio at the highest level. He’s also run a radio show prep website for over 10 years.  Here he shares some of the basic techniques and tricks of show prep to help you research, prepare and produce you podcast.

He also talks through a basic show sheet to use as your episode recording guide.  You can now get your hands on the show sheet template by joining our mailing list.

Episode Five: Podcasts Most Powerful Word

What is the most powerful word in speech content?

The words you use in your podcast are so important.  Here we share a simple but very powerful word that will change your podcast the next time your record an episode.

It’s a lesson learned from radio where Kevin uses this word in every single broadcast, and now in every podcast.

When you think about how podcasts are consumed you realise that they become really personal and this word will empower your episodes more than any other.

Episode Six: Powerful Story Telling and The Secrets you Need to Know.

Story Telling is what we all do every single day, but telling powerful stories that have impact takes skill – and this can be learned.  Here, Kevin shares powerful story telling techniques that you can apply to your podcast today to supercharge the way you present your content to your listener.

Get ready to tell your story in a powerful way with Kevin Field’s Top Ten Tips of creating, sharing and inspiring your podcast listener with drama, emotion and connection.

Episode Seven: How to use Copyright Music In Your Podcast and Stay Legit

In this episode Kevin talks through the key points of using Copyright music in your podcast.

It can be a struggle to understand the laws and rules around using other peoples recorded works in your podcast, specifically music.

Kevin shares the law and regulation, the relevant licences you’ll need, what you can and cannot do with Copyright music in your podcast – and where to obtain free music and what ‘free’ actually means.

Episode Eight: Learn To Edit Interviews Like A Pro For Your Podcast

In this episode Kevin talks through the key points of creating wining interviews within your podcast episodes.  Kevin shares key techniques that will change the way you think about delivering interviews in your podcast.

Episode Nine: Learn how to stay legal with defamation - slander & libel

Series One Episode 09: Defamation, keeping what you say legal from Radio Skills for Podcasters. Kevin looks at Defamation, libel and slander with advice of how to keep the right side of civil law with your podcast content.

In this episode Kevin shares his knowledge around civil law in the UK pertaining to Defamation.

Kevin explains the difference between Libel and Slander. He looks at what is fair game and when you shouldn’t repeat what you may have read or heard elsewhere.

Episode Ten: Unleash The Power of The Presenter

Series One Episode 10: Get ready to unleash the power of the presenter.

Anyone can pick up a microphone. Anyone can be a presenter. Not everyone can do it well.  Some excel at it.  What is the difference between the presenter that excels and the presenter that just exists?

Episode Eleven: The Podcast Presenters Checklist

Series One Episode 11: The Podcast presenters Checklist

Podcast and Digital Download – This is a simple content checklist designed to help you out.  Ideal for presentation and content direction for your podcast. Rather than a tick off sheet The Podcast Presenters Checklist is a list of starter questions you can ask yourself when prepping your podcast.

Episode Twelve: The Podcast Producers Checklist

Series One Episode 12: The Podcast Producers Checklist

Podcast and Digital Download – Similar to the Podcast Presenters Checklist this is a simple content checklist designed to help you out.  Ideal for you when producing and mastering your podcast sound.

The Podcast Producers Checklist is a list of questions you can ask yourself when prepping your podcast, post production and mastering.

Episode Thirteen: How To Create Award Winning Podcast Entries

Series One Episode 13: Creating Award Winning Podcast Entries

Kevin talks through your awards entries. Kevin has been involved in and has won multiple awards for his work in radio and as a social entrepreneur. In this episode he passes on his knowledge of entering and winning award schemes.

Kevin is also an awards judge and short lister.  He also knows what he’s looking for in award winning content. Kevin shortlists for The Mind Media Awards. Mind organises these awards to reward media professionals, organisations and students who report responsibly and sensitively on mental health issues.

Bonus Episode: How To Record On Location

Series One Bonus Episode: How To Record On Location

Recorded for New Media Europe – Kevin talks through the skills you use when recording interviews and other material while on location.

Here’s a great addition to any podcasters tool kit.

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