Grow your podcast audience

Grow your podcast audience with love.  How to “Love your listeners and be loved in return” and build a loyal community.   A bit of escapism at first to set this up – Nat King Cole first recorded the song Nature Boy in 1948. It’s a great song, I really like David Bowie’s version for the film … Read more

Ten things that will help podcasters create content

Podcasters – Ten things that will help podcasters create content… Have you ever come to the point where you just can’t find the inspiration for content in your next episode?   You feel like you’ve exhausted your options. Perhaps you just haven’t had time to research your next topic.  You have the podcasters block. Let me introduce … Read more

Podcasters – Don’t Fear The Competition

Podcasters – Don’t fear the competition understand them. I used to find it interesting when a programme controller would frown upon me mentioning the competition. “Don’t mention the competitors ever Kevin”.  “Oh, Ok boss…” Why, I thought – what are you afraid of? Are you scared that they might switch over? I felt as if … Read more

Don’t be afraid to dream – Inspired by Chris Coleman and Wales

  Never give up on your dream and don’t be afraid to fail. Chris Coleman is the manager of the Welsh national football team. They’ve had an incredible tournament in Euro 2016. After their unexpected win over Belgium something he said struck a chord with me. In the video above Chris said “Don’t be afraid to … Read more

RSP Episode 13 – How To Create Award Winning Podcast Entries

Hints and Tips on entering your podcast into awards schemes.
How to create an award winning award podcast entry When award seasons comes.  How can you get your podcast at the top table? How can you win that coveted award for your hard work? How to enter and win awards - Episode 13 of Radio Skills for Podcasters… Kevin field your host of Radio Skills…

RSP Episode 11 – The Podcaster Presenters Checklist

RSP Episode 11 The Podcast Presenters Checklist
Episode 11 of Series One of Radio Skills for Podcasters - In which Kevin Field talks through The Podcast Presenters Checklist. This is a simple content checklist designed to help you out.  Ideal for presentation and content direction for your podcast. Rather than a tick off sheet The Podcast Presenters Checklist is a list of…

Content is king but context is the key

Why you should always provide content in context. Content is king but context is key – always. It’s the first thing I learnt in radio. Always have more material than you need, but make sure this is material served up with super value to the listener. The key though is your content is delivered with … Read more

Radio Skills for Podcasters – The Edge Episode 01

Radio Skills for Podcasters The Edge Episode 01
An excuse to keep the conversation going while the usual RSP series is in production... This is The EDGE from Radio Skills for Podcasters. In Radio Skills for Podcasters The Edge Kevin talks about what’s been happening in the new media and audio world. In this episode he talks about the New Media Europe event in…

How long should your podcast interview be?

You’re running an interview based podcast with just one interview that lasts the entire length of your podcast.  A question – how long should your podcast interview be? As a radio producer, who has edited and produced thousands of interviews – not to say I know any better than others, more over to share what … Read more

Edit Before You Publish Your Podcast Always

Always Edit Before Publsihing

If you record content for your podcast never put it out as is, always edit before you publish. I was so close to being sacked.  Sat there in the programme managers office. Her tapping her fingers on the table top.  This after her holiday was interrupted by a phone call from the lead presenter on … Read more