Podcasters – Don’t Fear The Competition

Podcasters – Don’t fear the competition understand them. I used to find it interesting when a programme controller would frown upon me mentioning the competition. “Don’t mention the competitors ever Kevin”.  “Oh, Ok boss…” Why, I thought – what are you afraid of? Are you scared that they might switch over? I felt as if … Read more

RSP Episode 11 – The Podcaster Presenters Checklist

RSP Episode 11 The Podcast Presenters Checklist
Episode 11 of Series One of Radio Skills for Podcasters - In which Kevin Field talks through The Podcast Presenters Checklist. This is a simple content checklist designed to help you out.  Ideal for presentation and content direction for your podcast. Rather than a tick off sheet The Podcast Presenters Checklist is a list of…

How long should your podcast interview be?

You’re running an interview based podcast with just one interview that lasts the entire length of your podcast.  A question – how long should your podcast interview be? As a radio producer, who has edited and produced thousands of interviews – not to say I know any better than others, more over to share what … Read more

RSP Episode 02 – It’s All About The Format

Knowing Your Audience Episode 02 of Radio Skills for Podcasters.
Series One - Episode Two of Radio Skills for Podcasters: It's All About The Format. This time Kevin Field looks at the format of your podcast and how it plays a role in growing listenership. Radio and Podcasting is all about the format.  Without a format you have no show, no episodes, no brand... it's just…