Your Podcast won't get listeners

Your Podcast won’t get listeners

Are you scared that your podcast won’t get listeners? Is it wrong to suggest that some people start to podcast really caring if they get listeners.

It is just for fun, we don’t really care if we have any listeners. Hey it’s just some friends shooting the breeze on microphone and we release it every week – its fun.

And I get it – because it is fun!  That’s fine, but if I spent the amount of time it takes to create a podcast just shooting the breeze I’d want at least a few listeners.

Here’s the simple truth. The following four things get listeners – always!

Money, Health, Self-Improvement, Passion

Hit on any of these subjects and link them to your niche and you’ll get interest.

Now the target audience part is slightly more in depth, but I’m going to try and cover it with a few short sentences here. You can listen in more detail about understanding your listener in this episode of Radio Skills for Podcasters here.

Think of your niche, dig deep into it, and check out what market it has. Do the research and understand if people are talking about your subject. Join the social media groups, read blogs, listen to podcasts – spot your gap in the market.

It could be that you choose a subject that you feel isn’t covered adequately, or that you think you can do it differently. Never imitate, be the real you, and create new angles of content.

Let’s use Radio Skills for Podcasters series one as an example. My niche market isn’t the 200,000 plus people who now podcast. It is a part of that market. Radio Skills for Podcasters is a niche area in the ‘how to podcast’ world for people who want to improve what they already do. And for those who are starting out in podcasting who want to learn some of the tricks of the radio industry to improve their skills.

I’m honing in on the skills of podcasting, not the how to start, but the how to do it well, and more over, how to use the skills of the radio industry to create great podcasts.

Therefore, to just simply pitch up without the research into what you are going to talk about, and not a clue about your target listener, it is a recipe to say your podcast won’t get listeners.

Think listener always!

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