Podcast Skills Coaching


One to one coaching

The craft of creating speech radio is so important to me, I love it.  I have an ear for helping people create powerful and award winning speech content that hits their target listener every time.

I have a track record of coaching talent to success.  Many to award winning success.  I'm an award winning radio programme maker.

I could be your personal producer, programmer and podcast coach.

Every broadcaster is different and they need their own level of advice and guidance. Via Skype we'll talk through your podcast and develop bespoke coaching sessions to suit your needs.

I offer a free no obligation 15 minute talk through and review session.  We'll use this time to understand your needs and to outline your programme to empower your growth as a podcast presenter and producer.

Get in touch to talk through your podcast coaching session.

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Podcast Critique Service

Not ready for one 2 one coaching, but interested if you're hitting the right note with your podcast.

Book your podcast review sheet from me today.

Every broadcaster needs a critical review and this is your chance as a podcaster to get show support for your podcast.

I'll take three of your podcasts episodes.  I listen critically to each providing an objective overview of your work.  You'll receive an action plan with advice and guidance on how I think you can develop your skills and presentation techniques.

A detailed step by step plan including practical steps you can take that will give your podcast new momentum.

£70 to book your Podcast Critique Session.

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