Why you should make your great Podcast content available to Radio.

It may seem counter intuitive to some, yet if you’re aim is to grow your podcast audience I would argue that getting it into or onto traditional media sources may prove a wise investment in your time. There are 216 community radio stations in the UK, and tons of community stations in the US. The … Read more

Start HERE – Welcome Podcasters and hello…

Hello… My name is Kevin Field and I’m the founder of Radio Skills for Podcasters. If you’ve just stumbled across this website here’s what you can find on the site. The About Us page provides background to why I started this website, podcast, course and resource centre. The Podcast Series Page is a direct link … Read more

How do I make compelling Podcast audio content?

The traditional media companies have a vested interest in new media.  It is understandable when you realise that many of the most listened to podcasts originate from these companies, whether national or commercial broadcasters. What’s interesting is content coming from radio producers who are now working exclusively in the Podcast arena.  They and the emerging … Read more