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to your Podcast!

We’re Radio Skills for Podcasters

Providing the skills you need to manage, present and produce your podcast. We show you how the radio industry does it so that you can apply these skills to your podcast.

Through our series podcasts you learn how to easily start a podcast your audience will love.

Our pay as you go courses will help you establish your skills and get your voice and ideas to the world.

Our free Skills Mail email will offer advice and guidance on setting up your podcast through to deep skills and secrets from the radio industry to empower your skills set.

“Kevin is clearly an expert in his field (No Pun intended) – After listening to only a few episodes, I pick up a number of great tips that I have implemented into my podcasting procedure and seen immediate results. If you’re serious about your podcast you should check this out.” – Tony ‘The Systems Guy’  Brown –  Standard Procedure

Kevin Field is host of Radio Skills for Podcasters…

I help you develop your podcast and get, keep and grow your audience.  I’ve been doing it for years in radio and now I want to pass on my skills to you.

My experience has taken me on incredible journeys from recording at Buckingham Palace to creating content in prisons.

In radio I’ve been a presenter, producer and marketing manager, so I have a real cross section of knowledge that will be useful to you.

I feel lucky to have done so much in my radio career and  I really enjoy sharing my love of creating speech content and those radio skills with you.


“There are many great podcasts about podcasting out there, but Kevin still manages to fill a much needed gap in the market with this show” – Matthew Mclean – Audio Drama Production Podcast

I’m about sharing tips and secrets from the radio industry for you to use to build your podcast.  It’s all about building your audience and keeping them coming back for more.

You do that by sharing your story, by being real and I’d love to be a part of that journey.

If you have a question please feel free to get in touch.

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